Best Turkey in Alexandria

November 15th, 2018 by

A lot of times, people that celebrate Thanksgiving would want to avoid having to make the giant meals with very little time, and it’s something that many residents living in Alexandria, Virginia would agree with. There are still some great ways to enjoy the national holiday, and it’ll still be enjoyable to have a satisfying meal that’s just as big as a homemade Thanksgiving dinner.

Gadsby’s Tavern Restaurant

Gadsby’s Tavern restaurant has a very beautiful interior, to go with the already great food and the service provided by the employees. Some of the highlights of the restaurant include the peanut soup and the rum punch, which go well with other meals such as George Washington’s Favorite Duck course meal and the Seafood Newberg. To end the meal, some options for dessert like chocolate cake and ice cream are available to savor! If you want to have a perfect Thanksgiving meal with your friends and family, this place is perfect to choose!

Rampart’s Tavern & Grill

Ramparts specializes in a lot of neat happy hour deals while also having such great service for the community! Over the years, the bar has changed, but it’s still great for anyone that wants to have some great burgers, barbeque ribs, and chicken wings. They will also be serving a traditional Thanksgiving Feast for anyone that would like to avoid hours in their home kitchen!

Laporta’s Restaurant

Laporta’s restaurant has a good variety of food to select, from the wild mushroom pasta to the frittata. Laporta’s is well known for its live jazz performances, but those that want to have a more casual visit can still fit perfectly with the bar side.

Live Oak Restaurant

Live Oak is renowned for its Southern cooking, which many other restaurants serve as well. The restaurant has old-fashioned drinks, beignets with chocolate sauce, shrimp grits that are made with fresh ingredients, and some great chicken waffles.

Hen Quarter

As the name implies, Hen Quarter serves chicken and other kinds of Southern foods for restaurant gurus to enjoy if they love chicken. Like Live Oak, there’s an option of having chicken waffles on the menu, and there’s also its famous smoked salmon with grits and quinoa. To cap it all off, some sweet dessert options like ice cream and funnel fried Twinkies are available.

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