Land Rover devotees, rejoice! The all-new Land Rover Discovery will be here soon, and it's sure to thrill with its long list of innovative technology, powerful capabilities, and sumptuous luxuries. Land Rover designers have been hard at work creating the world's most capable family SUV. Of course, the designers at Land Rover have families of their own who inspired this incredible new SUV. Some of the chief product engineers, designers, marketers and developers at Land Rover looked to their children to help create the one-of-a-kind camouflage design for a new Land Rover Discovery that was tested at Land Rover's top secret testing facility. The children imagined and designed and drew beautiful masterpieces that expressed their love of their own families and their sense of adventure. The drawings were used on the exterior of the all-new Land Rover Discovery and the kids got to take the SUV out for a run through the challenges at the testing facility. They've given this phenomenal vehicle their seal of approval, and we think your family will, too. Visit Land Rover Alexandria to see the all new 2017 Land Rover Discovery, debuting on September 28, 2016, or to test drive any of the exceptional new Land Rovers in our inventory, and experience the next generation of family SUVs from Land Rover.
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