We've maybe all have been there. Driving down the road and you’re minding our own business, and the vehicle that we were driving behind hits a bump, and flying out comes a rock that leaves a tiny spider web crack on our windshield.

This may not seem like the most ideal situation, but there is a fix for it. Depending if the damage is minor or extensive, you can either get your windshield repaired or replaced. If you choose to ignore it for a while, you are risking the crack getting larger. Over time, the damage can spread and what once was a simple repair can now get to be a whole windshield replacement.

Cracks in your windshield may seem to be a total hassle. But, they can seriously impede your driving ability, making it dangerous for you, and for other drivers. What do you do? Take your vehicle down to our service department. Schedule an appointment with us at Land Rover Alexandria in Alexandria, VA, and we can help get you back driving on the road safely.

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