If you've ever been sitting in traffic in your Land Rover and thought about what it would be like to use your world class SUV for actual off-roading instead of carpooling, there's a great opportunity for you! Consider embarking on a Land Rover Experience Drive to fulfill your rugged fantasies; these specialized courses for Land Rover enthusiasts offer the opportunity to take on incredible drives with professionally trained drivers who can help you use your vehicle to its highest potential. Driving on challenging terrain can be dangerous and requires proper training, so the Land Rover-trained professional instructors are there to teach you everything you need to know. With 30 different Land Rover Experience Drive Centres all over the world and experiences ranging from half-day to full-day to to advanced experiences, and more, there's bound to be an experience that works for you. Choose from a Half-Day Experience where you might learn how to navigate steep inclines, side slopes, and water crossings, or a Full Day Experience with more challenging terrain that will further hone your driving skills and techniques; you might even enjoy an Advanced Experience, such as the Jaguar Land Rover Ica Academy in Arjeplog, Sweden! Stop by Land Rover Alexandria to learn more about Land Rover Experience drives and test drive any of our incomparable Land Rover and Range Rover models.
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