Picking your favorite part of the 2022 Range Rover Velar feels a lot like being asked to pick your favorite organ. Sure, some features may get more use than others, but it’s hard to imagine life without any of them. Between a suite of sophisticated driver assistance features and a drive system that’s been overhauled with the latest tech, there’s a lot to love about this vehicle. 

Now, there are a couple of features that have left such a strong impression, we can’t stop talking about them. Here are some of our favorite parts about the new Range Rover Velar, starting with:

Keyless Entry Is a Major Timesaver

You don’t quite realize how time-saving keyless entry is until you have to unlock a car door without it. Being able to seamlessly get in and out of your car without having to fiddle with the keys also provides excellent peace of mind. After all, this feature means you never have to worry about whether or not you’ve left it unlocked.

This is a benefit so reassuring, it’s hard to put a price on it! Thankfully, it’s included in the Range Rover Velar’s standard price! Easy-peasy.

LED Headlights Make a Massive Difference While Driving

Not only do LED headlights travel further, their softer light means they illuminate objects better, too. If you’re driving in rain, snow, or fog, this makes an incredible difference. Not only do the Ranger Rover Velar’s LED headlights provide better visibility for drivers, but they’re also easier on other cars as well.

This means that you get all the visibility benefits of constantly having your hi-beams up without having to worry about blinding other cars on the road! Win/win! 

Pivi Pro Gives New Meaning to “Driver Assistance”

Pivi Pro is Land Rover’s specialty infotainment system, and it offers drivers an incredible level of control over their vehicles. This system offers a simplified, responsive way to stream media while controlling your Velar’s other functions. Pivi’s intuitive streaming integration allows you to maintain a seamless continuity on podcasts, Sirius XM radio, and Spotify playlists as you get in and out of your Range Rover! 

Plus, you’re able to synch up two different phones–one for the driver and one for the passenger–via Bluetooth!

Three Words: Heated Front Seats

We get it: heated front seats aren’t exactly a new invention, nor are they unique to Range Rover models. However, we’d argue the 14-point power seats in the Range Rover Velar are in a league of their own. Instead of simply heating up seats through a single seat-mounted pad, the Velar’s heated seats use a series of tactically placed heating pads within a secondary stitching layer inside the body of the seat itself. The result is a heated seat so cozy, it has to be experienced to be believed.

Just trust us on this one: it’s worth it. 

Don’t Forget the Leather Steering Wheel

Okay, this is a bit of a bonus feature—a really, really nice bonus feature. There are few things more empowering than putting your hands around an artisanal leather steering wheel, especially one attached to a car as powerful as the Range Rover Velar. 

Of course, these are just five of many awesome Range Rover Velar features! If you want even more reasons to love this incredible car—or are ready to schedule a test drive—visit Beyer Land Rover today!

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