Here’s What’s Included in the Range Rover Evoque’s Driver Assistance Features

July 30th, 2021 by

Don’t be fooled by the Evoque’s minimalist exterior–this high-performance SUV is one of the most sophisticated cars available–both across Land Rover’s lineup and the market at large. From the moment they first get behind the wheel, drivers are treated to a ride that’s powerful yet responsive, able to effortlessly navigate city rides and mountain treks alike. 

There’s no single reason that the Evoque is such an advanced vehicle. Instead, this elevated driver experience comes from a variety of complex systems working together in order to minimize stress while turning every drive into a comfortable adventure. To that end, let’s look at some of the driver assistance features in the 2021 Range Rover Evoque, starting with:

Pivi Pro

This lovable driving helper combines a variety of different key features into a single place. Standard features include a HD touchscreen, HD radio, and smartphone integration. Pivi Pro also features a groundbreaking driving AI, which allows for awesome features like self-learning navigation. You’ll always have an adventuring buddy with you! 

Customizable Information Displays

The Range Rover Evoque’s sophisticated display systems provide drivers with plenty of information without pulling focus away from the road. Drivers can choose their favorite display from a variety of different layouts, which includes full-screen 3D navigation! An optional Head-Up Display projects information onto the windshield, meaning that you’ll be able to check your speed and gear position while accessing navigation! If that sounds futuristic, it’s because it is. 

Online Pack

Purchasing the Online Pack with Data Plan means you’ll never have to worry about being away from your tech. This upgrade allows for even more connected services in the Range Rover Evoque’s central terminal via a built-in SIM Card. Drivers can look forward to unlimited streaming media, real-time weather forecasts, and synchronized online calendar. 

Wireless Charging

Ditch the USB cables forever by utilizing the Evoque’s wireless charging systems. These handy surfaces allow you to charge compatible smartphones without having to fiddle around with cables or docking stations. As a bonus, your smartphone will be able to use the Evoque’s antenna, allowing for a better signal and cleaner calls. 

Cabin Air Purification Systems

Even if you’re in the midst of a sandstorm, you’ll be able to breathe easy with the Range Rover Evoque’s optional Nanone ionization systems. By pressing a special PURIFY button, the driver can engage air filters that capture ultrafine particles from the outside air. This includes dust and allergens along with pollutants like PM2.5.

Adaptive Dynamics

One of the most sophisticated features that are controlled from the cabin doesn’t actually occur in the cabin. The Range Rover Evoque features an optional adaptive dynamics system that adapts the vehicle’s body control in real-time by analyzing the road and re-distributing weight, tension, and suspension to optimize performance. 

Clearsight Ground View

Have you ever wondered what the road below you looks like while you drive? You don’t have to wonder anymore. The optional: ClearSight Ground View effectively gives you x-ray vision through your Range Rover Evoque, allowing you to look through several different views via your central terminal. This isn’t just cool, it’s also a valuable asset for difficult drives and off-roading adventures, as it allows you complete awareness of your surroundings! 

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